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INTEL Gen.i: Online maker community

Intel Colombia successfully impacted over 3,000 Colombian children and young people through its Gen.I project.

As part of this initiative, we have designed the visual identity, promo videos and website for the Intel Gen.i program. In collaboration with the MinTic (Ministry of Information and Communication Technologies) we have established an online maker community known as Gen.I. The primary goal has been to cultivate skills and promote collaboration among the maker community across various regions of Colombia.

As a leading digital agency, we have created a comprehensive online portal that goes beyond mere information, offering an immersive e-learning experience.

"Unlock the world of IoT tools and elevate your digital skills with Intel Colombia's Maker Gen initiative."

The Gen.i platform invite the community to delve into the exciting realm of IoT and empower them with the knowledge to shape the future. Gen.i is a journey of limitless possibilities in the digital world.


eLearning Intel iOT Maker MinTic

eLearning Intel iOT Maker MinTic

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